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Unani Colleges in Karnataka

Karnataka is blessed with abundant nature. The combination of nature and human effort has made Karnataka a ‘Tourist Paradise’. At the beginning of the 21st century, the literacy rate has reached almost two-thirds, and Karnataka has the most educated population in India. Karnataka possesses a rich cultural heritage with the contributions of successive dynasties that nurtured various religions and philosophies that influenced literature, architecture, folklore, music, painting and other arts. Unani means Greece, where Unani medicine originated. It is founded by Bokhrat (Hippocrates) in 460 BC, and he is called the father of Unani medicine. Unani medicine works on the 'Humoral Theory' (relating to the four body fluids) where each humor indicates a specific characteristic in a human being. Unani Medicine helps students learn all aspects of diagnosis and treatment based on holistic concepts of healing. The Unani Medicine course in its field focuses on various therapeutic therapies like purification, Turkish bath, massage, diet therapy, regimental therapy venesection, herbal, animal, and mineral use, and exercise. and surgery. Candidates can pursue the unani programs in UG, PG, Ph.D., and Post Graduate diploma level. For the UG program candidates must have passed 12th in the science stream from a recognized board. For PG program candidates must have MBBS from a recognized university. The employment areas after this program are Unani Charitable institution, Unani Medical colleges, Unani medicine store, Unani Clinic, Unani and Ayurvedic Research institutes, Unani Consultancies, Clinical Trials Laboratories, Life science industries, Research establishments, Medical Tourism, Drug control Sector, Healthcare community, Unani private hospital. The career opportunities after this program are Hakeem, Consultant, Lecturer, Scientist, Therapist, Private practice, Pharmacist, Medical assistant, Public health specialist, and Spa director.

List of Unani Colleges in Karnataka

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