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Hillside College of Nursing Bangalore Karnataka


  • Nursing
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  • ESTD 1996

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About Us

Hillside College of Nursing Bangalore Karnataka Hillside Group of institutions started back in 1996 by Bheemachandra Education Trust. Hillside Group has various educational institutions ranging from Kindergarten to PG courses in and around Bangalore City. It started with healthcare education, basic schools and then gradually added more and more courses in the field of nursing, Pharmacy College, Business Management and also Commerce. The Hillside College of Nursing has blossomed into a full pledged Post graduate institution par excellence. Nursing is considered to be a very noble profession. The kind heartedness and patience of nurses play a very vital role in the recovery of a patient. The nurses trained at Hillside College of Nursing come out to be outstanding in their profession. The Nursing College is proud of its 5 Acre Lush and Green Campus and have glorious 22 Years of Excellence in the field of medical, para-medical and nursing education. Hillside School of Nursing is one of the health care leader in India by providing excellent quality medical care and services to patients in a family focused environment. It improves the health and well-being of the community by providing world class patient care, education and training. The quality and discipline policy here aims to enhance the quality of healthcare by continuous improvement & to provide a healthy life to the patients.

Admission Guidelines

Admission process is one of important aspects in any field of education and the same applies in nursing as well.

The admission process is formulated as such that it will evaluate the student’s skill and capacity in upholding the caliber and proving to the institute that she is able to manage and prove her skills by answering the entrance tests conducted by the institute, thereby making her eligible to meet the requirements as required by the institute.

The basic requirement would be that the student willing to get admitted in our nursing college has had a bachelor’s degree in science.

The age required for the student’s entry to the college would be 17 years and apart from the fact of the above criteria, the minimum requirement would be a 10+2 for the enrollment with minimum marks of 40%.

Again, these criteria act as a base for admission and are strictly followed by the institute. The other criteria offered to the students based on the reservation are according to the regulation provided by the government.


The motto of administration in our nursing institute is to completely focus on quality care of patients and solving the issues relating to the dispatching of nursing care by analyzing the policies broadly as well as within the streamline of administration aspects so as to deliver the best of nursing care to its patients. The costs involved in nursing care also are taken into consideration which in turn proves to be the worth of the service offered.

The training session deliverable are looked into with keen and specified concepts relating to the best training processes provided to the nurses, who avail the facility and prove to be the best source of help to patients once they are prepared for practical delivery of service.

Services, whether it is in-service or administrational skills all are imbibed during the training sessions by these student nurses.


Hillside is very efficient in placing the students after completion of their courses.The students get opportunities to be placed in one of the top hospitals to pursue their career in nursing field. The school gives excellent coaching and guidance for the students to be placed in some of excellent hospitals.

  1.  Fortis Hospital, Bengaluru/Mumbai
  2.  Live 100 hospital- Bangalore
  3.  Mangeshkar Hospital - Pune
  4.  Bharathi Vidya peed Hospital: Pune
  5.  Rangadhore Memorial Hospitalk-Bengaluru
  6.  Manipal Hospital -Bengaluru
  7.  NaryanaHrudayalaya- Bengaluru
  8.  Appollo -Bengaluru/Mumbai

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#9,Raghuvanahalli,Gubbalala Cross,Kanakapura Main Road,Bangalore-560062,Karnataka,India

Website : www.hillsidenursingcollege.edu.in

Mobile Number : +91-98459 56633

Whatsapp Number : +919901636600

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