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The CBSE moves to Competency Based Evaluation

April 28, 2021

The CBSE class 12 examination has been postponed due to the covid-19 situation in the country and it will be conducted after a thorough review of the situation on June 1, 2021. The board assured releasing a notification 15 days prior to the date of examination rather than conducting it all of a sudden. The practical examination which had been conducted in the month of March also held up because of the restriction imposed by the states in the country and the clarification regarding the class 12 practical examination will also be notified to the students after the review on June1,2021.

In the meantime, the CBSE has released a circular regarding the assessment patterns for the year 2021-22 for class 9 to 12.The forth coming evaluations will be based on competency based questions aimed at Competency Based Education (CBE).The students will be evaluated on the basis of how they apply the concepts in real-life or unfamiliar situation. As per the circular “While the overall marks and duration of examination shall remain the same, change in the composition of assessment task would help us achieving desired ends. Therefore, in the forthcoming sessions a greater number of Competency Based Questions or questions that assess application of concepts in real-life/unfamiliar situations will be part of the question paper.” The CBSE said in its latest circular dated April 21.

The new evaluation method is a shift from rote learning to competency based learning in order to enhance the analytical, critical and creative thinking capabilities of the candidatesand to make them able to meet the challenges of the century efficiently. The move is regarded as a big and challenging development for the CBSE.

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